5 Things You MUST DO To Heal Your Body

Today more and more people are venturing beyond conventional Western Medicine for their healing needs by utilizing alternative, integrative, and self-healing methods. While some of them are getting the healing results they desire, many of them still struggle. Science has now proved that the human body has the innate capacity to heal itself, but if you aren’t a scientist and you are living with a chronic condition from which you would like to rid your body, where do you go from here?

If you are serious about healing, then you can take a significant first step on your healing journey by taking action on the 5 Things You MUST DO to Heal Your Body, which are as follows:

1: Get Knowledgeable about Yourself & about What’s Possible

Because self-empowerment is a pre-requisite for healing, you need to get real, be honest, and really reflect on everything that has kept you disempowered. It’s been said that we all hold the keys to our own prison, and it’s true. Without getting trapped in your victim story, start reflecting on all of the ways you’ve been giving your power away by allowing others and even situations to control how you feel and how you react.

As far as getting knowledgeable about what’s possible in regard to your own body’s healing potential, you need to really investigate the science behind self-healing, so you leave no room for any doubt in your belief system. Scientifically understanding how your body’s innate healing response gets activated as well as being aware of the success stories of others who have healed themselves will inspire and motivate you throughout your healing journey. And, as far as finding scientific proof, check into Neuroplasticity, Quantum Physics, & Epigenetics.

2: Get Rid of Your Fear

It’s been hypothesized that every action that we take is done either out of fear or love, and it makes perfect sense, explaining why fear is so prevalent. Fear is a normal emotion in certain situations, but when it prevents you from taking action from doing what you really want in life, it keeps you permanently anchored to your Disempowered-Self, preventing you from healing your body. In order to get rid of your fears, you first must uncover or identify them, which can be difficult because they often are buried deep within your subconscious mind.

The best fear to eliminate first is the fear that you have around your health condition.Many people get a major stress bomb, super-charged with fear at the time when they are formally diagnosed with a condition, and that fear needs to be transmuted as quickly as possible before it makes their health worse. Fear around disease can be so strong, especially for cancer patients who often end up suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of all the fear that was created by diagnosing physician. If you approach your healing from a place of fear, it’s not going to happen, but if you embrace your condition as the best wakeup call you could have ever had and really see it as an opportunity to fix all of the things that have caused your life to run off its intended course, you will start to get rid of your fear and enable your healing. Start seeing your fears as doors to golden opportunities, and once you walk through them, you’ll find your greatest joys. Getting rid of your fear requires a lot of deep reflection and then action, but it is a skill that will well serve you as you live courageously as your Empowered-Self.

3: Change Your Limiting Beliefs

Because limiting beliefs cause you to take limiting actions, unless you change them, you’ll never be empowered, making healing no longer an option. As far as uncovering your limiting beliefs, because your life is a printout of the programs of all your beliefs, look for the areas in your life in which you are struggling. The reason why you are struggling in certain areas is because you have negative programs operating that don’t support the result that you want but rather what other people want. If something is difficult for you, it’s because you have a limiting belief operating behind the scene, sabotaging your efforts every step of the way. So, if you want to know what your programming is, look at your life. Look for patterns of pain, struggle, and anxiety.

There are many ways to change limiting beliefs, and one way is to look for evidence in other people that is contrary to your beliefs, and understand that if something isn’t true for them, then it’s not true, making it just a limiting belief. Actively seek out this contrary evidence. Uncover and change your limiting beliefs, and your transformation to empowerment will feel more like swimming downstream rather than swimming upstream.

4: Take Action & Do the Work

Actually, take MASSIVE action! Remember you are transforming your life from the inside out, breaking all of your unconscious habits that you’ve built up over your lifetime. You really have to get BIG here because turning back is not an option! Self or alternative healing requires you take action & do SOMETHING to replace the treatment that traditional Western Medicine would have offered you and then, put forth your best effort in all aspects of your healing, including fine-tuning your diet, incorporating exercise on a regular basis, getting sufficient sleep, and practicing good stress management.

5: Have an Outstanding Support System

We are social beings, designed for connections, so unless you surround yourself with people who truly understand what you're going through, you are jeopardizing your own healing process. Although your friends and family members love you dearly, the fact of the matter is unless they have been in your situation, they are limited in the ways they can support you. And for those who aren't 100% on-board with your choice of healing, they cannot help but create doubt for you, which always leads to fear, automatically causing your immune system to weaken. Your friends and family are well-intentioned, but they just can't meet all of your support needs.

 A strong support system should not only motivate and inspire you in your efforts, but it should also keep you well connected with others during a time when you often feel vulnerable and may want to disconnect. It should also help you to maintain an empowered mindset and positive perceptions, so you can optimize your body's natural healing ability.

Support is a key component in healing because it makes you more likely to reach your goals and persevere through challenging times by offering accountability, fellowship, education, and purpose.

In Summary ...

Even though there are only 5 things you must do to heal your body, each of them is essential and requires strong dedication. Working your way through the 5 things may take some time, but if you do them thoroughly, your transformation to empowerment and optimal health WILL HAPPEN! Do the 5 things and you’ll see!  And most importantly, be patient with and kind to your amazing body. Remember that it took a while for you to create your condition, so it stands to reason that it may take some time for you to un-create it, in other words, give your body some time to catch up with the empowered you.

*If what you learned here resonated with you, and you would like to learn how you can incorporate these 5 things into your life, then check out the Video Presentation of 5 Things You MUST DO To Heal Your Body