Not Quite Ready … No Worries!

We've got you covered with 4 of the 5 MUST DOs in Order to Fully Heal ...


Become Knowledgeable about Yourself & about What's Possible

Get Rid of Your Fear

Change Your Limiting Beliefs

Surround Yourself with People that Consistently Support & Inspire You


But before you can join us, you need to commit to a form of healing, so you can ...

                                              Take Action: Do the Work


Deciding which method of healing to commit to is a personal choice, and isn't a decision that should be made haphazardly. You also need to understand why that method works, so you can put forth the unwavering belief that it will work for you. It's worth researching in-depth because if you have any doubt that it will work, then it won't. So, do your homework and follow your gut. Whatever method you choose and commit to, we will fully support you and hold you accountable for doing whatever work is involved. For a list of practitioners who specialize in alternative healing and have partnered with us, please visit our Partner Directory.

Once you have determined your form of healing, return and complete the Online Application, and you'll hear from us soon!