The Value of a Strong & Healthy Support System

How Much Is Healing Worth to YOU?

The road to recovering your health can be bumpy, often offering daily challenges, and having a strong support system can be the difference between healing or not healing. Support is a key component in healing because it makes you more likely to reach your goals and persevere through challenging times by offering accountability, fellowship, education, and purpose. All of these essential components are built-in to the underlying structure of our 12-week program by means of:

  • 5-Week Comprehensive Webinar Program with Deep Personal Reflection for Knowledge about Yourself & What's Possible
  • Your Own Self Healing Support Coach to Guide You & Hold You Accountable for Taking Action
  • Online Support Meetings Twice a Week to Inspire You, Keeping You Connected & Emotionally Strong
  • Support Partners to Uplift and Motivate You During the Times When You Need it Most

Program Outcomes After Just 5 Weeks include:

  • Start living by positive thoughts & elevated emotions throughout the day, regardless of what is going on in your environment
  • Begin to over-come fears & past limiting beliefs, so you never again shy away from taking action
  • Stop allowing others or situations to control how you feel
  • Start taking responsibility for everything in your life, no longer being a victim to your life circumstance

Our 12-week support program also provides other benefits, including:

  • Boosts your ability to cope with stress
  • Keeps you connected when you feel vulnerable and want to withdraw from others
  • Calms the negative effects of emotional distress
  • Provides hope and encouragement
  • Motivates and inspires you
  • Puts you in close contact with people like you
  • Boosts self-esteem & confidence
  • Encourages healthy choices
  • Increases your chances of sticking to your healing plan
  • Strengthens your immune system, helping your cells heal and repair faster

The Cost Breakdown of Our 12-week Support Program: 

How Long You
Are in Support Program
On-Line Support MeetingsSupport Coach MeetingsSupport Partner ConnectionsTotal Support ConnectionsPricing
12 weeks
(3 months)
24 6 12+ 42+ $1,299

Even though some people are able to heal their bodies within a 12-week timeframe, we recognize that each person and situation is unique and may require additional time to heal. So, as long as group members continue to be participatory in the group and proactive in their healing, they can re-apply to the program in the 11th week and request that the fee be waived. Although most people who re-apply get the fee waived, consideration is made on an individual case basis.

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