Welcome to the Self Healing Support Group, a comprehensive online support system for individuals using alternative and self healing methods.

If you're reading this, then you understand how crucial it is to have a strong support system during your healing process, especially when you've made the courageous decision to venture beyond conventional Western Medicine. Research shows that people who feel good about their method of treatment heal faster, which is why we will fully support you in achieving your health goals, so you don't feel any pushback or negativity because of the healing choice you've made. 

We are social beings, designed for connections, so unless you surround yourself with people who truly understand what you're going through and are advocating for you on a daily basis, you are jeopardizing your own healing process. Although your friends and family members love you dearly, the fact of the matter is unless they have been in your situation, they are limited in the ways they can support you. And for those who aren't 100% on-board with your choice of healing, they cannot help but create doubt for you, which always leads to fear, automatically causing your immune system to weaken. Your friends and family are well-intentioned, but they just can't meet all of your support needs.

So what should you be looking for in a support system?  We suggest staying away from the support groups associated with your specific condition or illness because they focus on accepting your prognosis and "managing" your symptoms, which for some people can be depressing and counter-intuitive to the self-healing process. In fact, the further away you are from the "sickness" industry, the more confident in your healing you'll become. It's also suggested that you do your best to not let your health condition define you, which is why we encourage our members to use the word wellness instead of naming their condition or illness.

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A strong support system should not only motivate and inspire you in your efforts, but it should also keep you well connected with others during a time when you often feel vulnerable and may want to be alone. It should also help you to maintain an empowered mindset by frequently offering you unwavering and unconditional encouragement. Epigenetic's has now proven that when you change your perception of your environment, you change the chemistry in your body, allowing your cells to move into a state of repair. A strong support system should offer ways for you to maintain a positive perception, so you can optimize your body's natural healing ability. Also, if you perceive that there are people surrounding you, advocating for you, believing in you and holding you accountable through the process of healing, your cells move into growth and repair that much faster. Taking responsibility for your healing isn't always easy, but a strong support system absolutely can make the difference between healing and not healing.

So what makes this self healing support group different from others?
Most importantly, there are no others. If you search, you'll only find the previously mentioned groups which help you to live with and not heal from your condition or illness, or you'll find groups or practitioners which offer various modalities of healing. While the later may offer a form of healing that may be perfect for you, that is all they offer, still leaving you without the full support you'll need to heal.

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