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If you're in the business of helping people heal from a chronic condition or illness, then you understand how supplementing your form of treatment with a strong support system can significantly enhance your clients' healing process, helping you create more happy and satisfied customers. Research shows that people who feel good about their method of treatment and are fully supported in achieving their health goals, heal faster - and helping your clients heal faster is what our support program is all about.

Even though more and more people are making the decision to venture beyond conventional Western Medicine for their healing, it has been difficult for them to find a support group that fits their unique needs because until now, they haven't existed, making ours the first! Before the launch of the Self Healing Support Group, the only support groups available to people trying to heal were the ones associated with specific conditions or illnesses, which focus on accepting a prognosis and "managing" symptoms. While these groups work for some, many find them to be depressing and counter-intuitive to the self-healing process.

Our support group is unique not only because it is the only one that is geared toward alternative, integrated, and self healing, but it also motivates and inspires people in their healing efforts, helps people maintain an empowered mindset throughout the healing process, and keeps them well connected with others during a time when they often feel vulnerable and may want to be alone. Other benefits that our member experience include: reduced destress, depression, anxiety, or fatigue, increased self-awareness and self-understanding, freedom to express their feelings without judgement, a sense of empowerment, accountability for being proactive in their healing, and helping themselves by helping others. Because your clients' attitudes and perceptions play a vital role in the effectiveness of the form of healing you are providing, consider partnering with us, so they can fully work with you with their mind, body, and spirit, all in sync - all working together to make your healing efforts more effective. It's a WIN-WIN for everyone: we reach more people, your clients heal faster, and you get free advertising!

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