The Driving Principles of this Support Program

The Role the Environment in Healing

It's been proven both in the scientific and practical worlds that given the right environment, our bodies have the innate capacity to heal on their own, and providing you with right environment is what this support program is all about. While this program helps you to build and maintain a strong inner environment, positive thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, it is dedicated to providing you with a strong outer environment, a strong & complete support system. By significantly improving both your inner and outer environments, you will be providing your cells with the exact culture medium or information that they need to move into a state of repair, turning off your fight or flight response and activating your immune system, allowing your body to naturally return to a state of balance and optimal health.

The Power of Belief in Healing

The Placebo Effect is proof that it's possible to heal by thought alone, making your beliefs a vital component in healing. Because whatever is in your mind (your thoughts and beliefs) dictates the chemistry in your body, positive thoughts can heal you and negative thoughts can kill you (The Nocebo Effect). Staying empowered throughout your healing journey means that you need to be unwavering in the beliefs that not only you whole-heartedly expect to heal, but also that you are healing. And, unconditionally supporting you in these beliefs is what truly makes this support system unique.

The 5 MUST DOs in Order to Fully Heal & How They are Incorporated into this Online Support Program

  • Become Knowledgeable about Yourself & about What's Possible - 5 Webinar Modules with Self-Reflection & Group Support Meetings
  • Get Rid of Your Fear - Webinar Modules with Self-Reflection & Group Support Meetings
  • Change Your Limiting Beliefs - Webinar Modules with Self-Reflection & Group Support Meetings
  • Take Action: Do the Work - Your Method of Healing, Bi-Monthly Meetings with Support Coach, Group Support Meetings, & Support Partner
  • Surround Yourself with People that Consistently Support & Inspire You - Group Support Meetings & Support Partner

4-Components that Make this 12-Week Program Unique & Effective:

5-Week Comprehensive Program for Deep Reflection You will become knowledgeable about yourself & what's possible by starting the program with 5 weeks of deep self-reflection. When you heal yourself, you literally have to transform your life from the inside out, which requires you to become completely aware of who you have been and how you have been living - uncovering everything that has contributed to your being in the place where you are now. Using pre-recorded webinar modules, videos, and self-reflection materials, the first 5 weeks of this program are dedicated to helping you uncover your limiting beliefs, fears, unmet needs, and specific behaviors that keep you a victim in your life story. You will also have access to meditations & subliminal music tracks, expediting the healing process by calming your central nervous system, reprograming your subconscious mind, and making new neural connections.  Module Topics
After just 5 weeks into the program, you will:

  • Start living by positive thoughts & elevated emotions throughout the day, regardless of what is going on in your environment
  • Begin to over-come fears & past limiting beliefs, so you never again shy away from taking action
  • Stop allowing others or situations to control how you feel
  • Start taking responsibility for everything in your life, no longer being a victim to your life circumstance

Your Own Self Healing Support Coach Every two weeks, Carolyn, your Self Healing Support Coach will touch base with you to check on your overall progress. You will be in charge of your method of healing and will be held accountable for taking action.

Online Support Meetings You will be surrounded with people who consistently support, uplift, and inspire you by attending 2 online group support meetings a week, 24 in total. Both support meetings take place in a 45-minute live webinar format; one presenting useful and inspiring information with Q & A and discussion opportunities, and the other offering sole group support, giving participants opportunities to engage, relate, and share experiences with each other. These upbeat meetings will leave you feeling connected, energized and highly motivated to continue to put forth your very best as you continue to heal.  Webinar Discussion Topics   Group Discussion Topics

Support Partners After being in the program for 5 weeks and completing the Comprehensive Program for Deep Reflection, you will pair up with another group member and become each other's Support Partner. By having a Support Partner, you will be able to reach out for support when you need it most, and by acting as a Support Partner, you will be strengthening your will-power, becoming more inspired in your own healing journey. To protect the integrity of the program, Support Partners will have to follow certain guidelines, like not treating the other as a victim.

Why Group Support is More Effective than Individual Coaching Sessions

  • It provides a nurturing environment by surrounding you with other courageous individuals who are going through the same self healing process, encountering the same obstacles, and as a result, making each other feel more supported and comfortable in being vulnerable & revealing their own truth. It expedites your healing by lowering your resistance to exposing your truth in a supported group versus in a protected one-to-one session, where more barriers exist. People open up faster when they see others opening up & becoming vulnerable, laying the foundation for a quicker transformation.
  • You benefit from listening to the questions asked by others that you didn’t think about asking, allowing you to get transformation just by listening & relating to something that otherwise may have not been brought up in a one-to-one session.
  • It creates higher standards by surrounding you with determined people who genuinely want each other to succeed by cheering on & holding each other accountable.
  • It is highly motivating to hear about the success of others who may be just a few weeks ahead of you in the course, giving you the realization that if they can do it, so can YOU!
  • You physically benefit from being exposed to the energy of the other people in the group, elevating your energy, making you MORE powerful in your endeavor to fully heal and transform your life!
  • Chronic conditions require a life-style change, and group support can help expedite those changes faster than just working alone or one-to-one with a a therapist or coach.

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