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Meet the Self Healing Support Group Community

We are a community of like-minded people who are strongly united in the belief that it is absolutely possible for our bodies to heal on their own given the right conditions.

This community may be for you, if in your heart, you truly desire the following:

  • To no longer be limited by your chronic condition or illness
  • To fully participate in all of the moments of your life
  • To no longer feel different or disconnected
  • To be surrounded by people who totally understand, uplift, and inspire you in all of your healing efforts
  • To feel so empowered, knowing that there's nothing you can't do
  • To feel excitement and gratitude for the next chapter of your life!


Meet the Founder &
Your Self Healing Support Coach, Carolyn James Pytel

Change isn't always easy, but I'm here to tell you that this change, what you most likely have been perceiving as negative is really a wake-up call, the best gift you could have been given. Just because your life isn't going exactly how you planned doesn't mean it's going in a bad direction. The truth is that this unexpected turn has given you an amazing opportunity to break your bad habits, you know, the ones which brought you to the place where you are now. And once you start breaking those old thoughts, behaviors, and feelings, you will get to watch your life change in extraordinary ways - allowing you to discover just how powerful you really are! Whatever form your dis-ease has taken, once you have reclaimed your power and healed your mind, body, and spirit, you will be unstoppable in pursuing the life of your dreams, no longer living as a victim in any of the areas of your life!

My name is Carolyn James-Pytel, and I mentor people through the transformational process of self-healing by guiding and inspiring them as they radically transform their health. I am the founder of this one of a kind, powerful support group. I am also a mother of 5, a teacher by nature, a woman's empowerment coach, and now a self healing support coach. I am probably the most positive, most passionate person you'll ever meet. Four years ago, I was gifted with an incredible opportunity to overcome ALL of my limitations and discover just how powerful I really am: I was diagnosed with a chronic condition.

From the day of diagnosis, I rejected following the advice of my physician, which was to begin taking medication, which would temporarily relieve my symptoms, but would eventually cause a myriad of negative effects. Accepting my prognosis was something that seemed counter-intuitive and just did not make sense to me, so that day, I started my healing journey which truly transformed my life in ways that I didn't even know were possible.

Immediately, I immersed myself in books, videos, documentaries, and podcasts which all scientifically proved that we are not a victim of our genes and that self healing from chronic conditions and illnesses is absolutely possible! I credit my newly acquired knowledge to many amazing people, but the ones who truly inspired and transformed my thinking were Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and Gregg Braden. All three of these incredible individuals re-affirmed what I had been feeling in every cell and fiber in my body: I could choose a different destiny, other than the prognosis that I was given, and I could heal my body! After learning exactly how Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, and Epigenetic's explain how common every day people are healing themselves from conditions & illnesses for which Western Medicine has no cure, I remember shouting: "Ah-ha, I knew it!" It was like I instantly woke up from a bad dream in which I was  being hypnotized into believing in a fate that just did not make sense to me.

Long story made short, what I was learning strongly paralleled what I had been teaching in my coaching empowerment program, but it was more focused on how physical healing was a side-effect of no longer living as a victim to life. Even though I was helping many women become empowered though my coaching business, I felt like I was not in full alignment with my life purpose and that something was slightly off, but I didn't know what.

During this time, for my own healing purposes, I was hosting group meditations, but I soon realized that not everyone shared my same level of enthusiasm and passion. Let's face it, trying to manifest a healing is different than trying to manifest a new job, a relationship, or even wealth. Even though I was surrounded by like-minded people, I needed to surround myself with people more like me, and that became another Ah-Ha moment. If I needed more support and encouragement from others who were also trying to heal themselves, then so did others. With that epiphany, I researched and discovered just how crucial it is to have a strong support system that encourages and inspires you throughout the healing process. And because beliefs are so powerful, it's important to be guided by positive, uplifting people who are unwavering in their beliefs about self healing and understand exactly what you're going through because they have been there themselves.

At that moment, the idea for this group was born and everything made sense to me. With my unwavering belief in self-healing, my intense enthusiasm and passion, my prior success in helping others become empowered, and my experience in my own healing, I was destined to lead this unique, powerful, one of a kind group!

Again, welcome to the Self Healing Support Group! We've been waiting for you.

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