Module Topics

Introductory  Webinar: 5 Things You MUST DO To Heal Your Body

  • Empowerment & How It Relates To Healing
  • How You Ended Up Where You Are Now
  • Why Change is SO Hard
  • What You Can Do Once You've Made The Decision to Change
  • The 5 Things You MUST DO To Heal Your Body

Module 1: Taking Inventory of Your Needs

  • Get Clear on Where Your Life Really Is
  • Discover Where Your Life Is Out of Balance
  • The Needs Revealed By Those Imbalances
  • Take Responsibility for Your Needs
  • Ways to Get Your Needs Met

Module 2: Understanding Victim Behaviors

  • The 5 Behaviors that Make You a Victim
  • The Reasons Why You Engage in These Behaviors
  • Why Victim Behaviors are So Dangerous
  • What are YOU Getting from Being a Victim?
  • Where are You Losing Your Power?

Module 3: Creating Awareness

  • Neuroplasticity & How It Either Works For or Against You
  • The Cycle of Thinking, Doing, & Feeling
  • Limiting Beliefs & Perceptions
  • Uncovering Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Becoming Aware of Your Disempowered-Self

Module 4: Fine-Tuning Your Awareness

  • Diving Deeper into Your Thoughts, Behaviors, & Feelings
  • Fear & Why It's So Prevalent
  • Proof of a Divine Intelligence
  • How Your Triggers Relate to Fear
  • Uncovering Your Fears
  • Reframing Your Triggers

Module 5: Information to Transformation

  • The Science Behind Your Emotions
  • Un-memorizing Negative Emotions Quantum Physics & Energy
  • The Quantum Field
  • Accessing Your Power

*All modules include supplemental materials such as videos & worksheets for personal reflections