Partnership Benefits

So what exactly does this WIN-WIN partnership entail? Well, it's really pretty simple. Because we are new and the only group of our kind, we need your help with spreading the word about our program, so more people can get the complete support they need to maximize their healing efforts. If the idea of partnering resonates with you, we encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our support program and understand how it can supplement and enhance your treatment. Our goal is that you feel confident in promoting our program to your clients. Partnering with us entails exchanging links on our websites, and, if applicable, making brochures or business cards available to your clients. It is easy and can be set up quickly.

Your WINS:

  • Let us help you grow your business and increase your clientele by offering you a free comprehensive listing in our Partner Directory, which will include a direct link to your website, so potential clients will be able to easily access your company information. Many visitors to our website have been recently diagnosed with a condition or illness and have not yet decided on a method of healing, making our Partnership Directory a perfect place to showcase your alternative healing business.
  • Posting our link on yourwebsite increases your credibility with Google and improves your search engine ranking, getting you more traffic to your site.
  • By having clients who are in our support program, it will be easier for you to get the results that your clients desire. A healing practitioner's success often hinges on the mental and emotional states of their clients, so let us help your clients bring the best versions of themselves to your healing sessions - making your treatments more effective, so you will attract more clients.
  • Because we will be responsible for holding your clients accountable for following through with your healing protocol, you have more time available to put toward other areas of your business.


  • Having reputable healers and practitioners refer their clients to us is not only one of the best compliments we can receive, but it also allows us to put more money where it matters most, into our program, positively impacting our members and their healing.
  • Partnership referrals allow us to reach more people, giving more people the necessary support they need to heal, so they become a model to others for what's possible. It is our mission to help transform the world by helping others to unlock their unlimited potential, and your referrals will help make that possible.

Your Clients' WINS:

  • Simply put, because everything our support program offers, supplemented with your healing treatment, they will heal faster and stay healed.
  • They will no longer be victims to the conditions of their lives and will become unstoppable in whatever they set out to do - being models of what's truly possible.

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